Did You Know?

Program At-A-Glance

  • What: Walmart Photo Center Insert

  • Where: In-store touchpoint

  • Reach: 3,600 + stores each month

  • Flight: 30-day flight

  • Lead Time: 1 month prior to live date for art

  • What Else: Category exclusivity

Why Should You Advertise?

The Photo Center Insert connects your brand with mom…

More Than 3,600 Locations

Monthly, millions of shoppers visit their local Walmart photo center to download photos direct from their mobile device & print photos while they are in the store.  Associates place photos and the bi-fold photo center insert inside a larger Walmart photo center envelope before handing it to the shopper.

How it Works

What’s Ahead has exclusively managed this program for more than 7 years.  We print and ship the photo center insert direct to stores each month for deployment on the first calendar day of each month.  Each store receives an exact inventory of inserts, based on monthly photo center traffic.

Capture Category Sales

Advertising in the photo center insert provides 3 pages of available brand advertising space (front cover and a two-page inside spread) to educate and inspire moms across a number of categories.  Infants/Baby, Toys, Pets & Wireless are among some of the top categories that over-index with the Photo Center Insert shopper.

…..And don’t forget, since 70% of purchase decisions are made at shelf, you can capture a disproportionate share of her wallet by connecting with her while she’s in the store and before she starts her shopping trip.


Email sales@whatsahead.com for a custom program proposal and quote.