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Luke Terrell


Welcome!  I’m glad you stopped in to learn more about What’s Ahead and our exclusive shopper marketing solutions.

Nearly a decade ago, our company was founded with a single mission – to harness the power of the in-store environment. It’s where the rubber meets the road.  It’s the most critical point in the path to purchase. It’s where the shopper decides whether to select your brand or your competitor’s brand. But, how do you strategically leverage the in-store environment to influence brand choice?  The answer is simple; through unique and effective marketing solutions that connect your brand with the shopper while she’s in the store, in the shopping mindset, and before she starts her shopping trip.

Since you’re here, take a look around and check out what’s new at What’s Ahead.  We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can better serve your brand marketing needs. Drop us a line by emailing

Welcome to What’s Ahead!!

The marketing company that thinks “inside the box”.

That’s right! We know the shopper ultimately makes her brand selection in the store at the shelf. We are laser-focused on influencing shopping decisions while she is in the store & before she starts her shopping trip.

What’s Ahead is a niche marketing agency providing a unique suite of in-store shopper marketing solutions that effectively connect brands with shoppers at the point of conversion. We know that influencing the shopper in the “pre-shop” phase is critical to getting “on her list”, but ultimately, her buying decision occurs in the store. Our tools are designed to augment your out-of-store programming to ultimately impact her in-store purchase decisions.


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    What's Ahead

    With millions of engaged fans, March Madness is a slam dunk occasion for food, beverage, and electronics brands. Interested in adding something new and exciting to your 2018 shopper marketing playbook? Learn more here: or email us at

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    What's Ahead

    Engage with Walmart shoppers while they are in-store and before they start shopping! The Selfie Station is an interactive, engaging in-store shopper marketing touchpoint featuring one monthly advertiser for 24/7 100% SOV.  Learn more here -->

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    What's Ahead

    Are you ready for spring? Our exclusive in-store programs can help your shopper marketing campaigns reach millions of Walmart moms as they shift into spring. Learn more here: You can also email us directly at

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    What's Ahead

    Good news! You still have time to find the perfect outfit for your furry family members! And for shopper marketers with pet brands, we have even better news! We are offering HOT promotional pricing on our Q1 photo center insert program. Connect with 1.5 MILLION Walmart pet owners while they are in stores! Email for details.

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    What's Ahead

    Thank you to Splenda and Walmart Family Mobile for participating in the January 2018 Walmart money center program! You'll be reaching more than 5 million Walmart shoppers this month while they are in-store and before they start shopping. Heartland Food Products Group, Allie Davis, Alexandra Patterson

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    What's Ahead

    Limited spots available for April 2018 Walmart Wellness Day sponsorships! Email us ( to learn how you can connect your brand with health-focused Walmart shoppers.