Rex Warr

Founder & CEO

Welcome to What’s Ahead. 10 years ago, I set out with a single mission– to harness the power of in-store marketing. It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s the most critical point in the path to purchase. It’s where the shopper decides whether to select your brand or your competitor’s brand. But, what’s your competitive edge? How do you cut through the clutter of the in-store environment to influence brand choice? The answer is simple: through effective marketing solutions that connect your brand with the shopper while she’s in the store, in the shopping mindset, and before she starts her shopping trip.

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Welcome to What’s Ahead!!

The marketing company that thinks “inside the box”.

That’s right! We know the shopper ultimately makes her brand selection in the store at the shelf. We are laser-focused on influencing shopping decisions while she is in the store & before she starts her shopping trip.

What’s Ahead is a niche marketing agency providing a unique suite of in-store shopper marketing solutions that effectively connect brands with shoppers at the point of conversion. We know that influencing the shopper in the “pre-shop” phase is critical to getting “on her list”, but ultimately, her buying decision occurs in the store. Our tools are designed to augment your out-of-store programming to ultimately impact her in-store purchase decisions.


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    What's Ahead

    Don't Miss This! Only 1 Walmart Supplier Can Cash In On This Deal

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    What's Ahead

    WHAT'S AHEAD marketing company partnered with MARS CHOCOLATE and JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE to engage more than five million cash-paying WALMART shoppers via brand advertising in the April money center cash envelope. Harness the power of in-store shopper engagement with What's Ahead.

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    What's Ahead

    Tomorrow is First Friday on the Bentonville Square & the What's Ahead team will be celebrating! Stop by to say hello!

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    What's Ahead

    DID YOU KNOW? 85% of Walmart shoppers pay in cash? Advertising in the June or July WALMART MONEY CENTER CASH ENVELOPE connects your summer grilling brand with millions of cash-paying shoppers while they are IN THE STORE and BEFORE THEY START SHOPPING Feature coupons, recipes, rollbacks or other promotional messaging in your advertising.

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    What's Ahead

    What's Ahead is excited to welcome ALEX McCOY to the company's shopper marketing sales team! We're building a great team at What's Ahead!! Learn more at

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    What's Ahead

    DID YOU KNOW? What's Ahead marketing agency is offering in-store shopper marketing solutions via a test-and-learn program known as the SELFIE STATION. Shoppers take a FREE customized selfie & share it via social channels. This week, FUJI launched a program offering shoppers a free 5x7 photo. Check out the video below and message me to learn more.