Did You Know

More than 70% of brand decisions are made at the shelf?

According to a Nielsen study, “most shoppers shop on auto-pilot—and breaking through the clutter of habitual pathways is a never-ending challenge. More than two-thirds of shoppers’ decisions are made in-store and these are largely physiological: shoppers honestly don’t know how and why they made decisions, rather, it is driven by what they see in their trips down the aisle”.

Our in-store marketing solutions have been curated over the last ten years to successfully influence shopper’s purchase intent…

Walmart Photo Center Inserts

Photo developers pick up their photos before they begin their shopping trip. Strategic messaging can help drive purchase intent.

Walmart In-Store Nail Salon Advertising

Build brand awareness, drive trial, and maximize purchase intent with mom while she is in a captive setting, in the store, and before she starts her trip.

Physician-Based Brand Advertising

Connect your brand with Walmart shoppers via the PatientPoint Physician-Based Advertising Network.

Walmart Home Office Café Cups

Leverage a Walmart corporate office staple item to strategically influence your buyer or demonstrate support for a merchandise-driven initiative.

Walmart Home Office Coffee Sleeves

Transform a daily American habit into a one-on-one connection between your brand and Walmart Home Office associates.