Did You Know?

Advertising At-A-Glance

  • What: Walmart Home Office Café Cup Advertising

  • Where: Café Cups are distributed across 11 Home Office campuses

  • Reach: 50,000 associates each month

  • Flight: 30-day flight

  • Lead Time: 2-month lead time for art

  • What Else: Single advertiser each month, giving your brand 100% share of voice

A Unique Platform

A cost-effective and extremely high-visibility tactic, advertising on the cold beverage café cups gives your brand visibility to Walmart corporate office influencers, such as buyers, operations and marketing.  Available in all 11 Home Office campus locations, your brand/product exclusively owns the 360-degree advertising experience on all 20 oz. & 32 oz. cups for an entire month.  You can maximize your 360-degree messaging by printing up to two unique messages on each cup. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to show your buyer your commitment to supporting your brand’s business at Walmart.


More than 50,000 associates, including executives, buyers, DMMs, operators and more visit one of 11 Home Office cafes throughout the day for a cold beverage.  Each cup will spend approx. 70 minutes with an associate and will garner at least 7 unique views.

How it Works

What’s Ahead manages printing and delivery of café cups each month to all 11 Home Office café locations.


Email sales@whatsahead.com for a custom program proposal and quote.