Did You Know?

Advertising At-A-Glance

  • What: Walmart Nail Salon Advertising

  • Where: Nail salons are located in the front of the store

  • Reach: Up to 1,000 stores each month

  • Flight: 30-day flight

  • Lead Time: 2-month lead time

  • What Else: Category exclusivity

Program Options

Your brand can connect with mom through various program options, including:

Branded Counter Displays

Counter displays are designed to drive purchase intent and can include a coupon tear pad.

1:1 In-Salon Sampling

Nail salon shoppers can sample your item while they are in the salon. And, since mom starts her shopping trip after her salon visit, sampling is a great way to drive immediate consumption.

Branded Mani/Pedi Mats

Keep your brand top-of-mind with the shopper throughout the entire salon experience.

Branded Emery Boards

Remind shoppers of your brand after the salon experience with this popular take-away that remains in the shopper’s hands for months after her salon visit.

Custom Nail Colors

A fun and engaging way for shoppers to experience your brand. Shoppers have the opportunity to select your brand’s featured nail color as part of their salon visit.

iBeacon Mobile Technology

Delivers hyper-relevant messaging to women on their mobile device as they enter the Walmart nail salon.  Bundle this with in-salon advertising for a surround-sound shopper marketing experience.

Merchandising Display

Merchandising display in the salons can amplify your other in-salon advertising.

Why Should You Advertise?

Advertising in Walmart nail salons connects your brand with millennial moms…

Up To 1,000 Store Locations

Advertising in Walmart nail salons has been active for more than 10 years and is offered in up to 1,000 store locations. Nail salons are located at the front of Walmart Supercenters throughout the U.S. and are the ideal venue to connect with a younger, beauty-focused, health & wellness-minded mom, who over-indexes in trying new items.

The In-Store Experience

Monthly, more than 2.5 million mom shoppers visit their local Walmart nail salon and spend an average of 30 minutes in the salon.  They can experience your brand via counter displays with coupon tear pads, branded mani/pedi mats or even through unique salon brandables such as emery boards and custom nail colors. And, if it’s right for your brand, you can provide samples and/or secure merchandising display.

How it Works

Our program partner, Gloss Media, manages the salon relationship across the Walmart network. They print and ship advertising program components direct to nail salon managers each month for deployment. Gloss Media field manages visit local nail salons to ensure program materials are executed according to the current month’s advertising calendar.


Email sales@whatsahead.com for a custom program proposal and quote.