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Did You Know?

Program At-A-Glance

  • What: Walmart Money Center Envelope

  • Where: In-store touch point

  • Reach: 4,200+ stores each month

  • Flight: 4 week flight

  • Lead Time: 1 month prior to live date for art

  • What Else: Category exclusivity

What is the Money Center?

The Walmart money center is located at the front of more than 4,200 Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, typically near Customer Service. The money center offers an array of financial services to its shoppers, but the most sought-after service is check cashing.

What is the Money Center Envelope?

Upon cashing a shopper’s check, a Walmart money center associate hands the shopper a bi-fold envelope that acts as a “cash jacket”. The envelope consists of 3 “panels”. The inside bottom portion of the envelope contains a die-cut panel containing the cash.  The remaining “panels” feature category-exclusive brand advertising, often times including coupons, rollback messaging, recipes or other value-added messaging.

Why Should You Advertise?

The Money Center Envelope is a strategic vehicle allowing you to speak to the shopper…

More Than 4,200 Locations

The money center cash envelope program began approximately three years ago and is active in more than 4,200 Walmart money centers. Walmart money centers are located at the front of Walmart Supercenters & Neighborhood Markets throughout the U.S., most often next to customer service.

The In-Store Experience

Monthly, millions of shoppers visit their local Walmart money center to cash a check. Once the check is cashed, a Walmart associate hands the shopper their money in an envelope with category-exclusive brand advertising, often times featuring a coupon, rollback offers, checklists, promotional programs, recipes or seasonally relevant product offerings.

How it Works

What’s Ahead prints and ships money center envelopes direct to stores each month for deployment on the first calendar day of the month. Each store receives an exact inventory of envelopes, based on monthly money center traffic.


Email sales@whatsahead.com for a custom program proposal and quote.