Why What’s Ahead?

What’s Ahead is a burgeoning marketing company based in Bentonville, AR.  Our company specializes in providing exclusive shopper marketing programs that connect brands with shoppers while they are in the store to ultimately lead to increased purchases. Our company was founded nearly a decade ago with a vision to deliver innovative in-store marketing solutions to brands and retailers, alike.

Our culture reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and sets the tone for how we continue to drive the business.  There are five key tenets of our culture:


We constantly develop new programs and partnerships that will bring cutting-edge solutions to retailers and suppliers.

Deliver Excellence

In all we do, we are committed to delivering our clients the best.

Explore the Unknown

We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo to find new roads.


The world of retail is constantly evolving. We strive to reimagine the shopping experience through meaningful, innovative solutions.

Take Care of One Another

We are a family. We respect, trust, and value one another.



Walmart Shopper Marketing Sales Manager

The Walmart Shopper Marketing Sales Manager will be directly responsible for meeting benchmark sales quotas for Walmart-specific shopper marketing solutions by selling directly to Walmart shopper marketing agencies, brand shopper marketers and/or sales team leads.

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