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Hi there! Nice to meet you.

We’re a bunch of hard-working, energetic go-getters from Arkansas who understand the value of relationships and the demands of the bottom line. Discovery and trail blazing are in our DNA, which is why we’re always pushing forward, seeking what’s ahead in the future of retail.

Meet the Team

Luke Terrell
Luke TerrellLeading the Charge
Luke is a finance and real estate guru by education but joined the What’s Ahead marketing team with a vision to bring his organizational and financial acumen to this growing company. Since joining What’s Ahead in 2011, Luke has proven to be a worthy leader with a keen sense of strategy, purpose, and process. He has effortlessly transitioned from director of finance to now company CEO and is blazing a trail for new and innovative marketing programs that will keep everyone asking “What’s Ahead?”
Alex Patterson
Alex PattersonDelivering Results
Alex has a proven track record of building client relationships and delivering results. With a passion for shopper marketing and business development, she joined the What’s Ahead team in 2015 to lead the company’s sales efforts. In that time, she has delivered success through a strategic-minded approach and “hunter” mentality. Her years of retail marketing, public relations, shopper marketing and sales leadership allow Alex to develop meaningful solutions that deliver results for her clients where it matters most – in the store!
Lindsay Custer
Lindsay CusterBreaking Creative Boundaries
Lindsay is one of the most upbeat individuals you will ever know. Couple her likability with her creative prowess and it’s no wonder she leads the What’s Ahead creative team. She cut her teeth working as part of the Walmart creative team, which eventually led her to start her own creative design firm. In 2013, with a deep understanding of Walmart, she joined the What’s Ahead team. She now defines the creative vision for What’s Ahead and continues to redefine creative excellence.
Dalas Warr
Dalas WarrPutting the Client First
No company is successful without a commitment to customer service. The client is always #1 and Dalas embraces this commitment to exceed our client’s expectations. As the company’s client service manager, Dalas oversees the finer details of every client program to deliver success. Her CPG marketing background inspires Dalas’ creative personality and fuels her unrivaled passion for excellence. She’s organized, committed, and some days, she’s a miracle worker. She’s the secret weapon in our company’s success and one of the nicest people you’ll ever know.
Allie Davis
Allie DavisDynamic Sales Specialist
Allie can best be described as solutions-driven and client-centric. She truly understands that the role of an exceptional salesperson is to serve as an ally for our clients and find creative solutions to build their business. Allie is outgoing, genuine, always has a smile on her face, and has a passion for solving problems. As shopper marketing sales manager, her strategic mindset, coupled with her dynamic personality, make Allie a valuable addition to the What’s Ahead sales team. Her technical sales background brings a fresh, new perspective to What’s Ahead and will contribute to our company’s mission of connecting brands with shoppers.
Blair Casey
Blair CaseyMarketing Maven
Blair is a rare breed! She’s an amazing hybrid of a marketing strategist and a creative copywriter. In fact, she’s part of our company’s “secret sauce”, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her as part of the What’s Ahead team. Blair is passionate about developing and executing against strategy, and is the official gatekeeper of the What’s Ahead brand. She sparks creative ideas, challenges the status quo, and brings our company’s mission, vision, and values to life.
Courtney Kitterman
Courtney KittermanDriving In-Store Compliance
At What’s Ahead, we are committed to delivering excellence to our clients. This commitment extends throughout the lifecycle of our programs, including execution. We know that compliance at the store level is critical to the success of our company’s shopper marketing programs and Courtney delivers results! She manages a one-to-one relationship with store operations to ensure What’s Ahead programs are executed with excellence each month. Courtney may work behind the scenes, but she’s definitely a shining star in the eyes of our clients and the What’s Ahead team.